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  1. daile says:

    So proud of you young people. Not only because a petition to be allowed to protest was initiated by our 13-14 year-old Year 8 pupils but that it was immediately adopted and backed by the pupils, teachers and management of the school. This is how change comes about. It’s not just the cars that are passing under the bridge who hoot and show support – it’s a powerful education to the actual children involved, at such a young age, both male and female, whose participation will educate and change their view on skewed societal norms, eventually making femicide unacceptable. From the mother of a teenage son, his participation and our discussions on the topic will forever guide the way he treats women in future. All the children across South Africa from different schools who also carried out protests add to this growing movement and will be educated on how women should be treated but how young women themselves should expect to be treated. Very powerful.

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