Category: Photography

Photographs of school events


3 x 3 Photography

The Photography Extra Curricular Activity (ECA) was tasked with creating a 3×3 collage. The results were pretty impressive!  


Interlocking Structures

  For the AS art exam preparation, Yr12s were given five topics to choose from, one of which I have chosen – the interlocking structures. Since I have found the organic structures more interesting...


Sunrise and sunset

Through term 2, the photography ECA (Extra Curricular Activity!) had a task to take a picture of a sunrise or sunset. There were 100’s of attempts, but the results speak for themselves.  


A Day of Reactions with Dr. Woolard

  This is a teaspoonful of magnesium powder that was placed in a bunsen burner. The bright white is the magnesium metal reacting with oxygen to form magnesium oxide (MgO).   Essentially, this is...

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